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licensed under the GNU Public License

network analysis - free software
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Real-time network monitoring

GNetWatch is a free open source Java application that offers real-time graphical monitoring and analysis of network performance through SNMP and ICMP. To get an instant view of the network state, data are collected, stored and displayed every few seconds. Two traffic generation modules are available. The former can flood UDP packets of any size (jumbo frames for instance) and tagged with any DiffServ/ToS flag for QoS and class of services testing. The latter can generate a huge quantity of parallel requests to any HTTP(s) server, for web applications load testing. To automatically discover new hosts, GNetWatch can make use of Ethereal/WireShark and later invoke NMap to get informations about the remote systems. Note that IPv6 and SNMPv3 are fully supported by GNetWatch.

Jun, 26 2016 - Docker version for Linux RELEASED
This Docker image let you run a VPN-over-DNS Docker container (x86_64). Usage documentation and Docker image can be pulled from Docker Hub here:

March, 9 2016 - VERSION 4.1 RELEASED
This version supports both 32 and 64 bits Linux and Windows operating systems.

Dec, 30 2008 - VERSION 4.0 *BETA* RELEASED
This beta version allows many more SNMP tables to be downloaded (like routing, arp, interfaces and mac tables). Moreover, multiple graphs may now be displayed on the same statistics window.
Note that this is an unstable pre-release version. If you need a production version, download release 3.1

May, 26 2008 - VERSION 3.1 RELEASED
This update lets the user add its own probes by means of generic actions that can spawn external processes or track the content of external files. Some standard generic actions are also provided: remote cpu load and remote free memory (using Windows Management Instrumentation for MS-Windows targets and system tools for Unix/Linux targets). The documentation has been updated with these new features.

The documentation is available in PDF format and in single-page html format. See the Documentation section of the site.

Prior to downloading GNetWatch, carefully read the documentation. It will help you choose the best installation way. Then download GNetWatch: please refer to the Download section of the site.

GNetWatch - screen captures

GNetWatch - new features

GNetWatch - main features

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  • GNetWatch can flood packets with any DiffServ codepoint, especially those defined in:
    • - RFC-2597 Assured Forwarding Per Hop Behaviour Group,
    • - RFC-2598 Expedite Forwarding Per Hop Behaviour Group.
  • It can also talk using any of the following SNMP dialects:
  • SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3 (MD5 + DES).
  • It can be used on IPv4 and IPv6 networks and can generate Ethernet jumbo frames.
Graphic performances: GNetWatch is using both SWT and AWT simultaneously: the main GUI is drawn with SWT in order to get direct access to the underlying windowing system and animated graphs are generated using Java2D over AWT.


June, 26 2016 - VERSION 4.1 RELEASED on Docker Hub
64 bits systems support for Docker aware operating systems.

March, 9 2016 - VERSION 4.1 RELEASED
64 bits systems support.

Dec, 30 2008 - VERSION 4.0 BETA RELEASED
Many new snmp tables available. Multiple graphs on the same window. Some other minor features.

This major documentation update adds many informations about GNetWatch concepts, installation, configuration and user's documentation. Step-by-step tutorials are also provided. The documentation is available in PDF format and one-page HTML.

April, 30 2008 - VERSION 3.0 RELEASED
This major release is a complete rewrite of the data engine, using an Object/Relational mapping. Targets and events are now stored in a SQL database so that the configuration parameters and the collected data get persistent.

The documentation has been updated in the Documentation section of the site: you will now find many informations about GNetWatch concepts, supported operating systems, localization, installation of bundles...

March, 12 2007 - VERSION 2.2 RELEASED
This release contains two new packet generation modules: the former can generate parallel accesses to HTTP/HTTPs/FTP servers and the latter is an interface with Nmap. Some bugs have also been corrected and the GUI has been improved.

GNetWatch is hosted at SourceForge Logo

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